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Computer Repair Services

Why should you let our computer repair technicians relieve your computer repair headaches?

Our testimonials reveal, WHY you will be very satisfied with our computer repair services technicians.

"My technician was very persistent in getting to the root of my problems. I am extremely satisfied with this service and would definitely recommend it to my associates." --MC New Orleans, La.

"Nerd Service is always available whenever we need them.  All of our problems are addressed in a reasonable amount of time.We would highly recommend them to any individual or company looking for accessibility, dependability, and quality of service in an IT service provider." --AHB Dallas, TX

"Nerd Service is Absolutely Wonderful!
My computer became infected with a virus...the consultant addressed my issue immediately...Their prompt action not only corrected the virus issue I had, but also adjusted other minor system problems that existed prior to the virus.  Now my systems programs are quicker and better than before, which is essential for my business to continue successfully.
I'd recommend them to anyone." --AS Atlanta, GA