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What is Local SEO

  • On-Page SEO: First we find the keywords customers in your area are actually searching. Then we optimize your site to rank on Google for these keywords.
  • Local Citations: Any website that has your business Name, Address, and Phone number is called a local citation. We ensure the internet is filled with your business info.
  • Link Building: Link Building is in the top 3 most important ranking factors and the most neglected aspect of Local SEO. Our link building strategies give you a huge advantage over your competition.

Local SEO



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What businesses can benefit from Local SEO?

  • Attorneys: Advertising online for attorneys can be very expensive. Our Local SEO for attorneys can bring in the same traffic that other attorneys are paying thousands for.
  • Dentists: The first place people look for a new dentist is on Google. Our Local SEO for dentists can help ensure they find you. Dental SEO can bring new customers right to you.
  • Insurance Agencies: Competition for insurance is high. Whether it's home, auto, health, life, or any other insurance, potential customers will find your site online with our Insurance SEO.
  • Contractors: When people need home repairs done, they search on Google to find the best contractor. Local SEO for contractors makes sure you're the one that searchers find.
  • Real Estate Agents: Thanks to all of the online resources available, home buyers are looking for real estate online before even talking to an agent. Local SEO for real estate agents helps these buyers find your properties.
  • Any business serving Local Clients: If you're servicing local customers, then Local SEO is perfect for you. Local SEO can have huge results for plumbers, electricians, chiropractors, plastic surgeons, consultants, accountants, bakeries, restaurants and more.

Your Local SEO Roadmap to get more business

  • Basic: Optimization for 10 Keywords Local Citation Management Directory Adding Basic Backlinking Plan Analytics and Reporting   $600 Per month
  • Pro: Optimization for 25 Keywords Local Citation Management Directory Adding Expert Backlinking Plan Analytics and Reporting  $1100 Per month
  • Premium: Optimization for 30 Keywords Local Citation Management Directory Adding Ultimate Backlinking Plan Monthly Targeted Blog Post Analytics and Reporting $1600 Per month